Welcome to Trek Hard

Estonian friends who hosted me before I returned the favor months later

Being a Couchsurfing Host

Some tips for hosting your own couchsurfers!

Being flexible includes sharing rooms or sleeping in odd places

Being a Good Couchsurfer

Some tips to guide positive interactions with couchsurfing hosts.

Surfing in Denmark!

Requesting and Securing a Couch

Finely tuned couch requests, good timing, and a good fit will improve your success on couchsurfing.

An unusual couch found in Eastern Europe

Searching for a Couch

Finding a couch that will suit you. Part 4 of a course in couchsurfing.

Former tour-guide Bragi filled his car with couchsurfers for a tour in Iceland.

Finding Friends and Getting References

Reputation is a big part of having a successful Couchsurfing experience.