Introducing the Travel Cost Calculator

Written by Megan

This handy tool was born out of necessity. As money burned a hole in my pocket, empty weeks stared at me from the calendar, and wanderlust struck once again. Yet, no matter how many friends I consulted, nobody could give me objective, up-to-date information on how much money I might spend in any given country. Researching it seemed out of the question. Sure, there are books on individual countries (and even individual cities), but how many of those would I have to flip through to even get an idea of the cost?

The fact is: no current resource offers this unique type of search, and I knew we had to make it happen. Try out our Travel Cost Calculator. I think you'll like it.

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Megan spends nine months of the year planning how best to spend the remaining three. The perks of being a teacher!

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Awesome!! Thanks for creating such a useful tool. We will be shortly heading through Thailand and Vietnam and were needing pretty much exactly this so thank you!