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A last-minute 4-day sailboat trip from Colombia to Panama was incredible

13 Tips for Spontaneous Travel

Practical advice for those making their way around the planet on a whim.

No available rooms posed a problem in Uruguay. We did just fine.

Don't Make Plans

Embrace uncertainty and start enjoying more fulfilling travel.

Introducing the Travel Cost Calculator

The concept behind this tool is what inspired the creation of trekhard.com!

Obvious metaphor: We're feeling pretty unencumbered.

Pack for Any Trip 2.0 (for women)

An update to the original packing list post, this time focusing on Megan's packing list, with tips tailored to the lady-trekkers.

Getting comfy with my laptop in Valparaiso, Chile.

Pros & Cons of Traveling with a Computer

Discussing the pros and cons of bringing a computer with you on the road.